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‚ÄčSleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love

Released January 20, 2015
Lisa Sanchez
‚ÄčThe time has finally come. The album you didn't even know you were waiting for has finally arrived. Sleater-Kinney's eighth studio album, No Cities to Love, is the band's first release since 2005's The Woods and it is well worth the wait. Not only does it consistently deliver on every song, creating a soundtrack for the definition of "excellent", but, Sleater-Kinney hasn't lost any of their signature, intimate edge during their ten-year hiatus.  No Cities to Love sounds like a victorious trumpet into the next stage of their career.
No Cities to Love is somewhat stripped down but gives an inviting, realistic feel to the whole album. On tracks like "No Cities to Love" and "A New Wave" it's easy to imagine Sleater-Kinney just jamming in a garage or backyard. "No Cities to Love" is just a feel-good track, and if you want to really brighten your day, watch Ellen Page and Norman Reedus sing along to it. No Cities to Love is full of fun, vibrant songs laced with intrepid, distorted guitar licks that are both infectious and speak volumes about the band's attitude toward music. The instrumentals are clean and memorable but they never detract from the overall composition of the song.
Sleater-Kinney's Olympia, Washington, roots are still very evident, even in No Cities to Love. Their songs are to the point, powerful, and personal. The fact that Sleater-Kinney has maintained their core sound, but evolved over a 20-year career is beyond encouraging. Corin Tucker's vocals are impenetrable, cutting through "Surface Envy" and "Bury Our Friends" with skill that can only be honed by yelling over hundreds of punks crammed into a basement in the Pacific Northwest. Also, please feel free to set "Price Tag" and "Gimme Love" as every notification noise you have available. You're welcome.
The band's No Cities to Love was, by far, one of my most anticipated albums of 2015. Because of the build up, I had every intention of being disappointed. But to my grand surprise, it met and succeeded my expectations ten-fold. It's a well put together, hit-'em-where-it-hurts kind of album, perfect for any occasion. Make your friends listen to this album. Then, sing along together.