Street Fashion

Rachel Mooney
Supply and demand starts with the population, and the population of Columbus walks the streets- fashionably. Coco Chanel said “A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.” Simply spend an hour on High Street and you will undoubtedly see street fashion pushing traditional boundaries, depicting styles from grunge to vintage to classic.

Inspiration lives in everyday life, and Columbus is a telling demographic. With natives putting their own twist on these traditional styles, I wanted to share their stories in a fashion forward way that makes my inner Coco purr.

Trend: Menswear. I know; it's been done.

Despite that fact, put it on a woman and it never gets old. Diane Keeton has inspired androgyny from the days of Annie Hall but with the right cut, a nipped waist and a set of kitten heels done 60's vintage, the look is absolutely stimulating on Jenna. Suspenders add a nice touch for a nighttime look and tights are a great way to transition summer outfits into fall.

Even a stylish casual menswear look can be achieved with minimal effort. A loose, lightweight flannel in an unexpected color paired with tight fitting skinny jeans put a femme touch on the menswear take. Finished with leather loafers, this makes a great daytime menswear look for Meghan.

AltOhio’s Look of the Week is found on Brandon. With effortless street style, Brandon pulls from multiple inspirations. Pairing cutoff pedal pusher jeans with timeless converse high-tops, an added matching sweater and newsboy hat take this outfit into fall. As far as a hiking stick and a set of earphones to match- Fashion meets function.