Album Review

Taking Back Sunday "Taking Back Sunday"

Aaron George
The emo scenes biggest name has reached their fifth major studio album, this time simply called Taking Back Sunday. Since 2006 and the release of Louder Now, the band seems to have been heading in the same direction musically and with their self titled album they have reached the summit of this and for their next album it might be refreshing to hear them experiment a bit. This is especially bothersome since this is the first time the (sort of) original line up has recorded since Tell All Your Friends.

From track two on the album has a surprisingly upbeat feel to it, the first track being rather aggressive and something of an odd ball. This doesn't mean that the lyrics are necessarily happy, but by and large the music itself has that anthemic, triumphant feel to it first played with by TBS in the song “I Am Fred Astaire” though, while it’s not done poorly they fail to reach the same sort of “rightness” found on Astaire.

Taking Back Sunday has come a long way since 2002’s Tell All Your Friends, and in a sense they have grown musically, though “growth” here might be better called “perfecting” as the sound hasn’t changed much since Where You Want to be. If you have been listening to the band all this time though, things are really starting to stale a bit. There aren't any bad songs on Taking Back Sunday, but there aren't any really memorable ones either.

One last thing, you might have noticed that typically the final song on a TBS album is pretty good. It’s an odd thing for me to mention, but consistently the final songs on their albums have been powerful and always serve as a perfect cap to the album. So, what the hell happened with “Call me in the Morning”? This song sounds like something The GooGoo Dolls would be embarrassed of. Not to mention they made it almost the entire album without turning the dramatics up to eleven but then bam, here is this...oh well, as any North Eastern Ohioan knows, there is always next time.