Album Review

Tapes 'N Tapes "Outside"

Eric Hann
Tapes 'N Tapes are back with a very strong third album that is a welcomed return back to their basic hometown recording methods. Back in 2006 when Tapes 'N Tapes released their first full length album “The Loon” they were labeled the next indie buzz band, and for good reason. The bands early recordings were a do it yourself effort done in comfortable settings in or near their hometown of Minneapolis, MN including their first EP and full length album.

Once Tapes 'N Tapes were swept up by the major record label XL Recordings in 2007 they were forced to leave their hometown area to go to Buffalo, NY to record their second album “Walk It Off”. Thankfully for the newest effort “Outside” the band decided to go back to their old stomping grounds and original record label in Minneapolis, MN.

Somehow Tapes 'N Tapes have always had the rare ability to blend an interesting mixture of instruments together with ease. On “Outside” the band chose to use flutes, glockenspiel, horns, melodica, organ, xylophone, tambourine, and castanets just to name a few of the instruments that bring this album to life. Not to mention they also have catchy guitar riffs and intelligent lyrics that keep you sucked into the music wondering what to expect next. This is the type of album that makes you thankful to have a good stereo system that brings out the great production.

Tapes 'N Tapes do have a signature sound of their own, but like all bands you can hear some of their influences on this album. Songs like “One In The World” have an up tempo exciting vibe similar to the sound Vampire Weekend has made so famous. Other tracks have a low key relaxing vibe similar to Pavement. Fans of Tapes 'N Tapes will like this album the first time they listen to it, but the beauty of this album is you will fall more and more in love with it every time you listen to it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Tapes 'N Tapes regain some of the buzz they created in 2006 with this latest effort.