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Thatsa Wrapp

Chad W. Lutz
Looking more like a scene out of Goodfellas (1990), I walked into Thatsa Wrapp located just off of 6th Street in Canton expecting to find just an average sandwich shop. However, the long wooden bar and towering display of imported beer bottles sitting ominously amongst the hustle and bustle of lunch-goers and blue-uniformed servers told me otherwise. By the time I took my seat at the bar along with my fellow employees and began sifting through the menu there was no doubt this place had something extra to it.

Not the largest establishment, what Thatsa Wrapp lacked in size it made up for in culinary clout. Thatsa Wrapp features signature appetizers like its crab guacamole and delicious hand-rolled sandwich wraps. Wraps include chicken, turkey, ham, beef, pork, cod, crab, tuna, and steak, along with a healthy (but probably not-so-healthy) assortment of cheeses. Thatsa Wrapp even offers a breakfast menu. The smell of the food was as intoxicating as the choice selection of premium imported beers. There was hardly a domestic beer in site. Thatsa Wrapp also serves organic, fair-trade coffee; the perfect complement to or after a meal.

The atmosphere was light, yet engaging. Soft idle chatter amidst the clinking of silverware and glasses was all that could be heard. Lunch with a new hire brought on the occasion, but we hardly said a word to each other as the food kept the five of us silent for most of the meal. The portions were large, but not overly filling and every wrap comes with either fresh veggies or Thatsa Wrapp signature house potato chips. Prices for the casual eatery range from $4-$5 for appetizers and around $7-$10 for wraps, sandwiches, and specials. Aside from the crab guacamole, popular menu items include the Fish Taco Wrapp, the Reuben Wrapp, and the Southwest by Southwest Wrapp.

In addition to in-house delights, Thatsa Wrapp features full catering and take-away services for hungry Buckeyes to enjoy Thatsa Wrapp delicatessens at home. Guests can sit at the bar, at high-rise tables adjacent to the bar, or at tables lining the wall to the left as you walk in through the front door. Thatsa Wrapp also offers outdoor seating perfect for a business meeting place or casual hangout spot. I instantly picture myself enjoying a cup of coffee and a verse or two of William Blake while munching on one of their signature sandwiches. And that was before I even placed my order.

By the time I finished my Southwest by Southwest wrapp and stopped cursing myself for eating the entire thing, I knew we had stumbled upon something special. When my supervisor suggested we give Thatsa Wrapp a try, the name alone had me interested, but once I tried the food I knew I had found another Ohio deli delight. At the risk of being on a roll, that’s a wrap.

Thatsa Wrapp is located on the corner of 6th St. NW just off Market Ave. in Canton, Ohio 44703. Their hours are 7:00a.m. – 7:00p.m. Mon – Thurs, 7:00a.m. – 9:00p.m. Fri, and 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. Sat. Closed on Sundays