CIFF 40 Film Review

The 4th

Nick Lotz​

I made a commitment to myself entering this festival that I would only watch foreign films. Considering they had been handpicked from the cream of their native countries, and are usually more difficult to find outside of festivals.

That commitment fell through, shattering into pieces of hilariousness when I watched The 4th.

Written, directed, and starring a native Ohioan (Andre Hyland), The 4th is stoner comedy at its finest (note: when I say “stoner” I am referring more to the confused and irreverent nature of the characters, as there is actually no marijuana smoked for the duration of the film).

While the film’s plot is essentially just one person’s incredibly bad day growing worse on the 4th of July in Los Angeles, the heart of the film lies in the actors and their natural comedic takes that perfectly capture the essence of living in Southern California.

Are people superficial assholes in LA? Yes. Yes they are. Watch this movie and you’ll understand why (and why it's alright).