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The Brother's Lounge: Where Top Shelf Nightlife Rules

The Brother's Lounge, Cleveland

Hallie Witwer
Located on the Cleveland/Lakewood border at the corner of Detroit and West 117th, The Brother’s Lounge is an excellent spot to take in some good drinks and great music. I have now been there twice and look forward to returning again and again. The Brother’s Lounge essentially offers three different bars within one. When you first enter, you are met with a classic corner-type bar, as well as several tables along the room’s perimeter. With television and WiFi available, this portion of the bar is ideal for happy hour with your co-workers or taking in some Cleveland sports with your buddies. Open at noon every weekday; it’s also a great lunch break escape.

Towards the rear of the pub sit two double doors. Behind these you can find the Music Hall, which, at least with my experience, is definitely worth the five-dollar cover charge it cost to get in. I couldn’t believe how large of a room was revealed once I first entered the hall. With a decent crowd, despite the fact that it was still only 7 in the evening, I could see why I had heard such great things about this venue. Walking from one room to the next allows customers the opportunity to experience two completely different atmospheres, and I hadn’t even checked out the wine bar yet! (I actually ended up having so much fun the first night that I had to make a second trip in order to experience the third room). Time quickly passed as my group and I enjoyed the bustling Music Hall, and we looked forward to the upcoming live music promised by the waiting instruments on the stage.

We didn’t have to wait too long into the night; by 9 p.m. the band made its way onto the stage. They were called Rob Duskey and The Rounders and I wasn’t sure what to expect. They looked young and modern though, and I looked forward to their first song. I also was anxious to see what kind of acoustics the place had. Turns out both the band and the acoustics were fantastic. Since this is a write-up on a bar and not a band, I won’t delve too much into the music, but I will say that I was impressed. With pleasing guitar melodies and a lead singer with a great range, I wasn’t surprised to find myself dancing subconsciously. I’ll also note that the lounge had professional sound and lighting guys at work. Not all bars with live music offer that, and it really makes a difference.

Finally, you have the Wine Bar. If you’re looking for an expansive wine and martini menu, you’re probably not going to find one better than this. With classy decor that aesthetically displays and celebrates the many different styles of wine offered, and lighting that is classy and intimate, it’s the perfect setting to play catch up with lifelong friends or have that special first date. Like the Music Hall, the Wine Bar also hosts live music acts, but features more low key performances of the jazz and acoustic variety.

All in all, The Brother’s Lounge seems to be the ideal meeting place for Clevelanders of all types. Whether you’re looking for a chill evening full of class, a place to rock out, or just somewhere to take in the game, The Brother’s Lounge provides it all in a fashion that can only be described as top shelf.

*The Brothers Lounge is open weekdays 11:30am-2am; weekends 3pm-2am and is located on the corner of Detroit and W. 117th in downtown Cleveland.