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Bloody Good Times At The Dark Room

The Dark Room, Broadview Heights

Eric Hann
A proverbial dream come true for all metal heads and slasher movie fans came to fruition when a Cleveland man came up with the idea to build a bar serving as a tribute to heavy metal music and horror movies. Located on Roylaton Road in Broadview Heights, the bar known simply as The Dark Room has become a sort of cult classic in the local bar scene, offering up a scary-good time for all Cleveland pub goers.

Shannon Webber, whose father-in-law came up with the idea for The Dark Room, has been part owner of the Dark Room for almost 2 years now. “I can't think of anything similar or close to us,” she said, while explaining why they wanted to do something other bars in the Cleveland area weren't doing. From the moment you walk in the door, you know you aren't at your typical Irish or sports bar like all the other bars flooding the Cleveland area seem to be. The walls are a tribute to the horror movie genre, both past and present, with movie posters and other obscure horror movie decorations hanging from the walls, including a large grim reaper and life-size handmade casket. Other decorations that were purchased for their huge Halloween party are just left up on the walls and ceilings year round; truly a page out of every Halloween lover’s dream book.

The response from customers has been very good and to top it off they are as loyal to their bar as they are to their heavy metal music. A majority of the regulars are from where the bar is located, in Broadview Heights, but there are many others willing to travel to enjoy the atmosphere that only the Dark Room can provide. “It has been a huge hit,” said Shannon. Many of the regulars also enjoy the skull vodka that is used in many of the specialty shots served at the Dark Room. “We try to push it because it fits the bar so well,” Webber went on to say. There is even a waiting list to get the empty bottles that as you could imagine are a glass shaped skull and they often include the vodka in baskets at promo events. The Dark Room also offers all of your typical bar food including burgers, wraps, salads, wings, quesadillas, chicken tenders, nachos, pulled pork and other delicious deep fried foods.

Other perks offered at the Dark Room include Beer Pong, Pool, Birthday Parties with free cake included, Live Music, Wii and pretty spook-tacular bar food served till late. “Everything is actually good, especially the grilled cheese sandwich,” said Jonathan Klaczik, one of the Dark Room bouncers. Jonathan has worked at the Dark Room for just over one year, and I was shocked to find out from him that the vodka soaked heavy metal horror movie atmosphere doesn't lead to more scuffles than other places. When actually asked about it, he said jokingly, “I was hoping to get to throw more people out.”

All of the bartenders are very nice and quick to serve you your next drink. “Ohh ya, they are nice,” Klaczik said sarcastically while giggling. There seems to be a certain special quality that the women whom enjoy the dark room all possess. “High in quality with the chicks, not quantity,” was the overall consensus. Be sure to check out the Dark Room where coming soon will be more bands, a St. Patrick’s Day Party with corned beef served, a Friday the 13th Party, and other events, including the local haunted house Bloodview, and of course, a blowout Halloween Party.

Location: 1100 Royalton Road, Broadview Heights
Hours of Operation: 3pm till 2:30am, 7 days a week
Happy Hour: 3pm till 8pm, everyday