The Darkness to Rock Cleveland House of Blues

                                                                                                                                                                                  (Photo Courtesy of Publicity Please)
Lisa Sanchez

The dudes who brought you “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” are still creating that eccentric, thunderous rock music for a new era that makes you ask, “Is it real or is it a gag?” Over the last year, The Darkness have made a triumphant return to the rock scene with the release of their fourth full-length album, Last of Our Kind. The quartet will rock House of Blues in Cleveland on April 24 for their “Back in the USSA” tour.
The band is comprised of front man Justin Hawkins, contributing vocals, outrageous struts, and dangerously low-cut sparkly jumpsuits, Dan Hawkins on guitar featuring some classic Eddie Vedder meets Dave Mustaine hair, Frankie Poullain with basslines and winged collars for days, and last, but not least, Rufus Tiger Taylor on drums. Honestly, just try to find a better name than that for The Darkness.
The Darkness is best known for their unabashed appreciation for an older style of rock and roll that hinges on the absurd or the satirical. Since 2003, I’ve been personally trying to figure out if The Darkness is one long commentary on rock culture or if they’re just four British dudes who love tight pants and sick jams.
Although they faced a hiatus between 2006 to 2011, The Darkness have not lost their chops. Last of Our Kind features some classic Darkness hits, such as the rock and roll anthem “Open Fire” and the fist-pump inspiring “Last of Our Kind,” which features the gem of a line, “When the arrows fall like rain, we’ll start and rise again…children, we are the last of our kind.” That song sounds really heavy out of context, but when you hear it sung in Hawkins’ exaggerated falsetto, it turns into the greatest sports montage movie music you’ve ever heard.
However, The Darkness aren’t all extreme licks and thrusting gyrations. At their core, The Darkness are a modern day embodiment of an older ethos of music. The song “Mighty Wings” from their latest release demonstrates the talent the band have for balance. The song mixes heavy distorted guitars with a galactic introduction and soaring vocals. The Darkness continue to be a weird mesh of Poison, Thin Lizzy, some acid you mistakenly took from some dude in a trench coat at an open-air festival, and Blue Oyster Cult. Let’s all rejoice in the band’s trippy and triumphant return!
If you’re a fan of the elegant cheese that is glam rock, but are fed up with the highfalutin attitudes and lack of seminal fluids at concerts, The Darkness at House of Blues Cleveland is the show for you. The show is Sunday, April 24 and tickets are still available. Don't miss the most exhilarating, weird, and raunchy show you may ever see.

As Justin Hawkins puts it, “If music and good times are in your soul, come see us perform live...A Darkness show is a place where believers come together, where fluids are shared and dreams are built. But most importantly, rock and roll is crowned king EVERY NIGHT!”​