Album Review

​The Ghost Inside - Dear Youth

Released November 14, 2014
Steve Allanson
​The Ghost Inside have spent the past three albums reimagining the hardcore genre. In their fourth studio album, Dear Youth, they’ve found an even balance of enchanting melodies and chaotic hardcore riffs.
The production value of Dear Youth is the best I have heard from the band. Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade take their second crack at production since Get What You Give. Every instrument is on showcase and everything is equalized perfectly.
The musicianship in Dear Youth is the best we’ve heard since Returners, as well. The guitar riffs are heavy, fast, and pretty. While some songs offer some generic riffs, they're not enough to dilute the album of its overall brilliance. The drums rip, shred and tear across the album without mercy. It’ll be hard to believe this album won’t give you a "bangover".
The lyrics on the album stick to the bands normal positive vibe, with familiar themes of overcoming great odds, and following your dreams. Vocalist Jonathan Vigil will have you singing along to his catchy vocal patterns. Many of the lyrics have been stuck in my head since I first put the album in my stereo. “My favorite things in life, aren’t even things at all. But they’re the things that keep my heart full,” from "The Other Half" is a personal favorite line.
Dear Youth succeeds in all aspects and is a welcomed addition to the bands discography. It brings back some of the old that you missed and mixes in some of the new. Even with the rare generic miscues, each track offers something to love. Be prepared to have this in your stereo for a long time.