The Internet @ The Grog Shop 10/3

Nick Lots

​Sometime around 2011 the horror core rap group Odd Future split up and two of its former members, Syd the Kid and Matt Martians, formed a band called The Internet. Comparing The Internet to the band from whence they came is like comparing a haunted house to a jazz lounge.
What separates the two groups, both critically renowned in their own way, is The Internet’s smooth, melodic depth, which is emotional and resonant in a way that Odd Future never was nor sought to be. As Syd The Kid, the front woman, vocalist, and co-producer says, their music is about “ ...being vulnerable and honest.”

There’s a fun little video on YouTube introducing the members of the band, featuring them doing very mundane tasks such as making their bed and cooking pasta. It gives a nice down to earth vibe, the same vibe that can be found in their music. 

Their new album, Ego Death, has been met with critical accolades across the board. The band has said about the album, “It’s about us acknowledging our egos and the egos around us, and using them the best way we know how.”

The track that stands out is “Partners In Crime Part Three,” a chill tune about two lovers wheelin’ and dealin’, on the run from the law. It’s heavy, grooving bass line and wailing, lounge-ish chorus could bring even the stoutest metal head over to R&B.
Catch The Internet on October 3rd at The Grog Shop. Tickets can be purchased at the venue’s website for more information on The Internet’s upcoming tour dates, check out