The Mowgli's Set to Play Beachland Ballroom 9/30

Lisa Sanchez

​The Mowgli's, a six piece California alternative band, are not your average west side ensemble. The band embodies a style of music reminiscent of the revolutionary Laurel Canyon rock sound of the 1960s and 1970s with a new twist and an upbeat attitude.

The California band will be bringing a little West Coast magic to Cleveland on September 30 with a show at the Beachland Ballroom. The show will comes the same day as the band's fourth full-length album, Where'd Your Weekend Go drops on September 30. 

One of the most distinctive aspects about The Mowgli's, other than the Rudyard Kipling reference, is their unabashed positivity, encouragement, and message of togetherness. The Mowgli's have made uplifting music their bread and butter with beloved tracks like "San Francisco," "The Great Divide," and "Carry Your Will." 

In addition to their already impressive track listing, The Mowgli's recently released "Bad Thing" from their new album to be released later this month. 
"Bad Thing" immediately sets the tone with some catchy drum beats and vocalist Colin Louis Dieden's smooth vocals sliding the listener into an easy summer tune. When co-vocalist Katie Jane Earl enters the mix the track really takes off with a dancing groove and melody that makes you want to clap your hands.

​Despite The Mowgli's almost overwhelming good will, their most recent song actually puts a light spin on a serious topic.“’Bad Thing’ explores loneliness, a theme that shows itself a lot on this record," singer Earl explained to Yahoo. "The song is about the desire to connect with other people as a means of escaping loneliness; only to find out that loneliness still lingers… which maybe isn’t such a bad thing.”

 The Mowgli's are on tour now and will arrive at Beachland Ballroom on September 30 with Dreamers and Kid Runner. Tickets are still available so let yourself enjoy the unfettered cheerfulness of The Mowgli's songs and get a little West Coast cred while you're at it.