Show Review

The Ridges in Athens

Jess Meadows
On May 21st the apocalypse was to allegedly commence at 6 p.m.; a show was supposed to begin just three hours later. However, the apocalypse did not come to pass but The Ridges did release their self-titled EP in Athens, Ohio.

While the rest of the world was holding their breath at 6 p.m. I was journeying to Ohio University, my Alma matter’s campus. I smiled at the irony because The Ridges take their name from, and also recorded the EP, in an abandoned insane asylum located in Athens. Their haunting instrumentals are reminiscent of the town and the old asylum and the music fulfilled its doomsday soundtrack obligation.

Indigo Wild opened the show with a fabulous sound. At first their tunes reminded me of an old western. And then I started to get it. The music began to seem eerie, almost like it was telling a story: one about a haunted house…or asylum. Towards the end of the set their sound continued to spiral into the type of rhythm The Ridges were sure to provide next. This was the perfect opening band.

Surprisingly, The Ridges chose to open with a high-energy tune as a tease. But just as the crowd rose to sing and dance along, the group stopped for a microphone check and then delved into ‘The Insomniacs Song;’ and it suits their name and style perfectly with its intense cello.

Next came ‘Overboard.’ This tune made me feel as if I were riding on a haunted out-of-control carousel: that included clowns of course. Its lyrics and instrumentals align perfectly.
‘Not a Ghost,’ is another one of my favorites. Still semi-chilling, it’s upbeat in sound, but in a Casper the Friendly Ghost sort of way.

The set finished as it begun: with the completion of the opening song. The crowd and band sang the end of the song a cappella, a very strong and beautiful finish.

The Ridges EP and live performance are a chilling and intriguing journey into the realm of the unknown. Whether you’re a believer of ghosts or not, this music allows for the revelation that we are all haunted in some way…it could be by love, loss, the imaginable or something more literal.