Album Review

This Is A Lifetime - Warrior

Released July 25, 2014
Steve Allanson
When you were told to expect big things from this band, Warrior is just that. This Is A Lifetime has proved once and for all that it's a force to be reckoned with in Cleveland. Only six months after the release of Clarity, the Cleveland-natives have returned with the pinnacle of their career, Warrior.
John Burke of Vibe Studios has produced a masterpiece with Warrior. Each track on the five-song EP offers masterful production value. The breakdowns are driven with such force you can’t help but just bang your head, vocals are as clear as Irish springs, the bass is raunchy as hell, and the special-effects are used conservatively and only for emphasis.
Vocalist and front man Stevie James will once again have you screaming along to his indelible lyrics that will either tug on your heart strings or have you inspired. James also offers a wide variety of vocal stylings showing off his range that spans from, highs, mids and lows. Joe Czekaj’s drumming is out of this world on Warrior, while Mike Oiler’s dexterous guitar riffs are top-notch and redefine the band’s versatility. Morgan Patterson’s bass drives the fast-pace rhythms and offers slick and mean tones.
“Legacy” and “Titan” are standouts and incredible songs that add a different feel from the rest. Both songs will get your heart pumping. “Legacy” is about lost loved ones and will surely have you involved in a huge stage rushing crowd-chant to grab the microphone and shout, “This one goes out to those who are no longer with us.” “Titan” takes a very new approach for the band, as it tells a story of a boy and a girl struggling to find strength within themselves. They then have had enough of their unfulfilling lives and find the strength to become the people they want to be. “I am a Titan, watch me rise!”
“Warrior” the title track and first single off the EP offers a new bouncy sound to the mix. The energy this song brings sets the tone for the album perfectly. The breakdown is so fierce it will send a rush of adrenaline through you. “Primal” is angry and inspiring, with fast riffs and pulsating drum beats. The blend of screams and clean vocals are above perfection on this track as James and Oiler take turns to spit venomous and catchy lyrics. “They can cage the animal but it cannot be tamed.”
The album closes with the fast and melodious, “Relentless.” The collection of punk style riffs and heavy breakdowns on this track ties the album together felicitously. Oiler shreds a beautiful fret-burning solo that leads right into a well-composed orchestral outro. Warrior may be the latest album but will not be the last for this Cleveland band who is making their rise to the top.