Show Review

Jason Turner
Last night I showed up at the Espresso Yourself Music Café, located in the heart of the music Mecca that is Powell, more than an hour and a half earlier than I meant to. I was there to see an old friend and his band (more accurately, a wiry piano player named Noah he met through Craigslist), and had somehow managed to confuse 10 p.m. with 8:30.
But, as they say, the early bird gets the pesto turkey Panini with a side of grapes and watermelon, and I also got to sit wherever I wanted. My first order of business was figuring out how to kill the next 88 minutes until my friend, whom we’ll call Steve, and Noah took the stage. Luckily iPhones were invented for times such as these, as was my newest ap, NinJump.

While I jumped and whacked my way to a high score of 3646 on NinJump a jazz octuplet provided the elevator music soundtrack. Probably not what the developers had in mind. The ages of said jazz band ranged from 74 to 12, and hair color ranged from toe-head blonde to gray. The music did not range at all; jazz standards written by other people from a time when people wore derby hats and listened to radio programs after dinner.
Steve and Noah arrived around the same time the next band (I think they were called something like Magic Bohemian Carpet Ride) took the stage. What you need to know about MBCR is that when they promise a clown on a tricycle will appear during their third song, it’s a lie; the pony-tailed guitar player’s ‘regular guitar’ was still in the shop; and they do not like feedback.

After an epic final song about forest creatures, possibly based on the card game Magic: The Gathering, MBCR smashed their guitars and kicked over their music stands. Ok, no they didn’t. But it might be something to consider for the future.

For the large crowd of people in attendance who were not thrown for a loop by Eastern Standard Time, it was no surprise when, at 10 o’clock, Steve and Noah took the stage. Collectively Steve and Noah go by the moniker Timid Blue and this was their second show in the last four days. It was also just the second show they’ve ever played together.
Although I am fiercely loyal to my friends, suffice to say, I would not have been at the show if Steve weren’t immensely talented. If Steve liked comic books, and specifically the Green Lantern, a little less he could be Damien Rice, if he had a much fuller, homeless-looking beard, he could be Ray Lamontage, but given his voice and talent he at least deserves to be mentioned in their company.

Between songs Steve was witty, engaging, and only very infrequently inappropriate, and during them he was right on point. Steve nails the wounded crooner vibe like it’s nobody’s business; wailing, whispering and almost always singing about love; wasn’t it great, couldn’t it be great again, why isn’t it great, etc. It’s a shame more people don’t put as much thought into their lyrics as Steve does.

I had seen Steve perform solo before, and Noah was a nice addition, adding comic relief during a few of Steve’s diatribes, and adding emotive, dramatic piano during the songs.
I’m told Timid Blue is working on an EP; hopefully one that does them justice and will capture the warm, intimate vibe you get from hearing the band live. If you are incurably romantic, or simply love the singer-songwriter genre you should definitely check them out.