Tin Armor

Darren C. Demaree

Recently I had a chance to email some questions to the fine, Columbus-based gentlemen of TIn Armor. They were kind enough to respond.

Q: Tin Armor is a band that has always loved playing the house show. Now, that you've done some big shows, like opening up for Ted Leo and Matt and Kim, how does the house show stack up in comparison?

We still really enjoy house shows. The primary quality of a good show is fun. Location is always secondary to fun.

Q: When you find yourself named a "band to watch" like you folks were in Columbus Alive, what does that do for a band?

It was exciting. Who wouldn't enjoy getting good press?

Q: That article came with Tin Armor on the cover, which of you looked the silliest on that cover?

We all felt pretty good about how we looked, but the photographer wanted us to hold a microphone towards the camera, which was a bit silly.

Q: There has been press that claims that Columbus doesn't do a good enough job supporting local bands. Is that something that you feel, or have you had a different experience?

Absolutely not. Throughout all of our touring and talking with other bands we have never experienced a city as supportive of local music as Columbus. From events like Comfest and Independents' Day to places like Carabar and Monster House and a remarkable number of awesome bands it seems pretty clear that Columbus is affectionate towards local music.

Q: On the road, who buys the worst gas station snacks?

John eats a large quantity of cheese danishes. It's a temptation that many of us battle.

Q: Any national bands you've played with that have impressed more than you thought they would?

I really enjoyed Surfer Blood. I listened to their record a lot more after seeing them live.

Q: Any word on who's releasing the new album, will it be Woah Oh again?

We're currently looking for someone to release it.

Q: After the new album is finished and released, what's next for Tin Armor?

We plan to tour constantly.