Album Review

Daft Punk "Tron: Legacy Soundtrack"

Evan Wallis
Tron Legacy immediately jumps into an epic, orchestral style music that Daft Punk isn’t known for and stays with it for the first several songs. Vibrant string arrangements and blasting horns begin the crescendo. Each song has a different theme, some begin with rushing strings that are punctuated with resonating drums and a few bursting horns that build anticipation. Others have slight electronic foundations that are topped with slow, rising string arrangements that create a resolution after some of the more throbbing songs.

Not until “End of Line” do listeners get to hear Daft Punk’s electro dance jams. Previous to this, the album is warming up, but here, it finally hits full stride. “Derazzed” is filled with never-ending digital arpeggios, which abruptly end and are followed by thundering drums that build under a static noise in “Fall.” Daft Punk weaves their familiar style into music that could have come straight of out Disney’s “Fantasia.” Daft Punk’s style does take a backseat occasionally for songs with a dark and slower tone, but all have just enough flair to tell who created the soundtrack.

However different each song may be, they all create different feelings in a listener. Some can make you nervous, while others make you feel like you have overcome a trial. This anticipation and resolution is what makes this soundtrack intriguing. Without a movie in front playing, you can already get a sense of the story and how it will play out. After spending an hour riding the waves of strings and bouncing with the pulsating beats, you will feel like you have just gone on a journey, maybe even one into a digital world. When “Flynn Lives” plays for three and a half minutes, the tone could not be more triumphant. All the instruments culminate for one final crescendo and everyone leaves feelings like a winner.