Upcoming Show

July 13th - The LC - Columbus

Rachel Mooney
Part jam band, part progressive: entirely badass. Umphrey’s McGee isn’t your average, ‘Jam- Band.’ While I’m not a fan of Phish or the Grateful Dead, Umphrey’s McGee is somewhat of a love child of the two with a streak of Zeppelin for rebellion, and I can’t say that I’m displeased. With range far exceeding a jam band, Umphrey’s draws in a diverse fan base and continually produces polished music which speaks for itself and draws from musical genres from funk to rock to the blues.

Despite being a band that inevitably is followed by the smell of patchouli, Umphrey's McGee has garnered a serious fan base and have a transcendent musical quality other jam bands don't. Thick guitar lines with unexpected time signatures showcase jazz influences yet move seamlessly into some seriously baroque southern swang licks. It’s experimentally adventurous yet at the same time intimate due to the improvisational nature of the music and entirely meant to be heard live- even a white boy could dance to these beats.

Umphrey’s music is quintessentially improv rock and thus never stationary and with that aspect comes the never-ending energy of possibility. They jam, but do so with such precision it seems as though it was meant to be all along. Trippy but smart, vocals aren’t key here, but because of this, the music becomes almost your own sound track, personalized grooves with which you can canvas yourself. Seeing Umphrey’s McGee live is an exploratory tickle to all of your senses. With shows which are almost as much visual as they are auditory, the light shows alone will trip out the soberest person in the venue. Using an impressive array of instruments, the songs move with a certain ebb and flow yet vary as to not drone on, a mistake of many lesser talented jam bands.

This band thrives on performing live and encourages their fans to record and trade their music, producing enough live DVDs to sate any rampant palate craving even more Umphrey’s McGee. But musicianship is top notch with these guys and I won’t lie- when Umphrey’s McGee plays July 13th at the LC, I’m going to be there because I have a feeling this is going to be a lot better live.