Video of the Week


Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling - Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)

If you don't get chills from this video, then you have no soul.

No, seriously. PTX pushes the envelope song after song. Every now and then they miss the mark, but when it's good (not that it's ever "bad") - it's AMAZING. And I can never fault them for taking risks with their music. These kids are constantly creating groundbreaking arrangements and harmonies, with the guts to be themselves and the integrity to stay that way. I just cannot argue against that much musical genius traveling into my eardrums.

Scott's grit and passion, Kirstie's gorgeously blended tone, Mitch's soaring melodies, Avi's sexy and perfectly-executed bass lines, Kevin rocking his cello so hard he breaks a hair on his bow (3:27) - AND Lindsey Stirling?! (If you haven't seen her Zelda Medley, do it. Now.)

My day just got a whole lot better. Enjoy.

Tiffany Wilhelm