Video of the Week


Pink and Nate Ruess - Just Give Me a Reason

My latest obsession.

I’ve loved Nate Ruess since The Format, but he really stole my heart with Fun.’s 2009 album Aim and Ignite. He is compared a lot to Freddie Mercury – and while Freddie’s genius will be forever untouched, I can understand the comparison. Ruess is on it all the time with great tone and execution for Fun.’s musical innovations and epic harmonies.

Pink I have a harder time being in love with. I really enjoyed her 2002 collaboration with Steven Tyler for “Misery” – but otherwise, I do not like how she affects her voice, and I cannot stand her obnoxious, unoriginal music. I change the radio station every time. I respect her as a strong woman but just cannot get behind her music. HOWEVER, on this track her voice is more natural and her tone and technique are much improved. I hope this is the sign of a turn in the right direction for her – finally!

The video for this is equally as lovely as the song itself. My singular issue with this is the creepy glowing eyes on Pink’s teddy bear. What is that all about?

Anyway, maybe you’ve heard this tune on the radio a few times by now as it’s starting to get some play, but you owe yourself a solid listen. Enjoy!

Tiffany Wilhelm