Video of the Week


Oh Land: Live with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and DR Girls Choir

I cannot adequately describe how great my love is for former-ballerina-turned-songstress-extraordinaire Oh Land. Her silky smooth vocals slide through haunting, avant-garde instrumentals and the combination gives me goosebumps. Every time I listen to Oh Land, live or a recording, her voice is always moving gracefully from note to note with the same extension and sway as her lithe dancer's limbs.

So, I was beyond excited to see this newest upload. "Perfection" isn't a new tune, but she re-imagines it here with the help of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and the DR Girls Choir. True to her style, it starts out a bit weird - but in a way that holds your attention and makes you wonder where she's going next. By the end, you are fully captivated with sweeping orchestrations, artistic nuance and her trademark rhythmic pops.

Why the flower? I have no idea, but I love it. Enjoy!

Tiffany Wilhelm