Album Review

​WALK THE MOON - Talking is Hard

Released November 24, 2014
Steve Allanson
​Cincinnati-based indie dance-rock band, Walk the Moon has released their second full-length album, Talking is Hard. I'm new to the band's following, but the new release is filled with energetic and convivial tunes that kept me engaged throughout the entirety of the twelve-track album. Since their inception in 2008, Walk the Moon has suffered several member changes but they still have managed to keep the same sound their adoring fans have grown to love.
Talking is Hard sticks to the band's base roots and will definitely keep you moving track by track. With a mix of fun energy and indelible melodies, you won’t be able to help yourself from singing along and dancing. The first single from the album, “Shut up and Dance,” is nothing short of a great track. The music is lively and boisterous and will make you want nothing more than just to “Shut up and Dance.”
Most songs on the album will have you dancing your heart out; however, the final songs on the album, “Aquaman” and “Come Under the Covers,” slow things down so you can pull your significant other close and sway to the trance of the enchanting musical composition of the tracks.
Lead singer Nicholas Petricca shows a much wider range in vocal talents on Talking is Hard than the previous album. His vocals are very warm and inviting; ranging from a smooth and rich-like-molasses voice to a breathtaking falsetto that would leave even Justin Timberlake swooning.
Talking is Hard is an impressive addition to the new bands small discography. If you’re looking for an exciting album to keep your party bumping, or just something to sing along to and keep your spirits up while you’re in your car driving to your staid 9 to 5 job, this latest release from Walk the Moon is just for you.