Walk the Moon

Evan Wallis
For a lost boys themed event, the Mockbee was the only choice – it is dark and a little creepy, just like a hideout should be. On Saturday the thirteenth, it was the site of Walk the Moon’s, “I want! I want!,” album release show and Anna Sun music video premier. Walking in to the Mockbee is an adventure in itself. After walking down the dilapidated sidewalk alongside Central Parkway I arrived at the entrance to an old factory. A mob of urbanites stood out side smoking making the door a little more inviting. Walking into the factory it doesn’t feel like a concert venue, rather a tunnel into the unknown. There were decorations that consisted of sticks, feathers and face paint around the building. After making my way up a couple sets of rickety stairs, the noise started to build. I emerged in to another tunnel, which was filled with an excited bunch of people drinking PBR and slathered in face paint, feathers and flannel.

The reason for the face paint and feathers – Walk the Moon’s new music video, Anna Sun, has a lost boys theme. The reason for the excitement – these people were about to see one of Cincinnati’s best up-and-coming bands.

I missed the opening acts, but with names like the Harlequins and Gold Shoes, there is no wonder the crowd was ecstatic. I got into the stage room only minutes before the Anna Sun video came on, and if I had cut it any closer there would have been no room for me because a crowd of around 400 packed in to see the video.

When the video ended, Walk the Moon came on stage and a last surge of fans stuffed into the room. From beginning to end, the crowd was enthralled in the music. Many in the crowd knew the words, more were dancing and everyone was enjoying themselves. The band’s heavy drum and synth driven music is catchy, yet creative. Their lyrics speak of youthful lust and sexual escapades. “I try to be quiet / your daddy’s down the hall / but I don’t care at all.” It’s a little immature, but understandable. The lead singer, Nick Petricca, has a voice that reverberated through the room. His stage presence is infectious and flows through to his other band mates, and they all enjoy themselves on stage. This band has gone through recent personal changes, but with a new album and a stage presence like they had at the Mockebee there is no glaring reason to think this band doesn’t have a bright future. Still unsigned, Walk the Moon has plenty of room to grow, and any label would be lucky to sign them. With their new full-length album, “I want! I want!” they are sure to be picked up soon and rocket their way to new heights.