Show Review

Whores/American Sharks @ The Grog Shop 8/12/2014

Lisa Sanchez

What do you do on a Tuesday night in rainy Cleveland? You go see Whores, American Sharks and Rival Knives. That's it, there are no other options after that. The bands shook the Grog August 12th to a slightly soggy audience.

Cleveland-natives Rival Knives opened the show with their hard-hitting punk anthems. These guys always put on a great show, delivering catchy and exciting songs that people can relate to, but may make you want to start a bit of violence. The band recently released their second album, Blood City in March and if you haven't heard it yet, shame on you. Immediately after you finish this article go out and listen to it. You won't be disappointed.

Next, Texas-based American Sharks took the stage. The trio look like guys I ride the bus with. They're just chill, down to Earth dudes. But, when they start playing, it's like you stepped into an acid-laced time machine filled with pizza and Red Bull. American Sharks style is fast-paced and straight up stoner rock party anthems.

Lead singer Mike Hardin entertained the crowd between jams to share jokes about his relationship with his mom, and how the band has been living on a road diet consisting only of canned corn. American Sharks were beyond entertaining, they had great stage presence, even though there weren't many people in attendance at Tuesday's show. These guys are just relentless, fun performers who have a blast at whatever venue they play, garage or stadium alike. I highly recommend catching them at their next gig in Toledo with Clutch September 11th.

Lastly, Whores came on and delivered a solid wall of noise rock that I can still feel tingling in my ears three days later. Whores have an amazing amount of energy, delivering one gut-churning tune after another while bouncing around the Grog's stage. For only three guys, Whores throw one hell of a lot of music onto the audience. If the phrase "turn it up to 11" weren't cliche at this point, Whores turned it up to 25.