w/Youth In Revolt

Morgan Minch

​Youth In Revolt’s hardcore-studded sound of rumbling riffs turns to rock in their new album The Broken, released in January 2017. I spoke with Tanner Allen, the new vocalist, about his experience in the making of The Broken, and what Youth In Revolt means to him.
M: How did Youth In Revolt find you? What is your background?
Allen: After Warped tour, Youth In Revolt parted ways with their singer and found me through our label, Overloop, who works with a band I was in at the time, Brightwell. I had played the local band scene for a while.
M: Was writing with the Youth In Revolt for the first time smooth- how did that go?
TA: It’s a long process, but much of the instrumentals were already finished, and we had 3 co-writers.
M: What was the approach in writing The Broken? What is the new album’s concept?
TA: I had some coaching from the band on how to relate the sound of my voice to the album. Concept is that it’s never easy- the struggle of growing up, leaving girlfriends. Basically the worst idea of how to lead a life. Artistically our interest here was deep emotions.
M: How is being a part of Youth In Revolt different than collaborations in your past?
TA: It is a lot more down my alley; I can write a song to completion for Youth In Revolt whereas before I could not.
M: What is the band’s writing process like? Are vocals driving it?
TA: We all have small production set-ups at our disposal. I think of our style of writing as a giant music chat room, bouncing ideas off of each other when we have time. We are pretty scattered with our separate locations and tours. We have 5 pre-production songs done already, though.
M: How do you feel the new album The Broken’s sound compares to the band’s past music?
TA: We wanted to make a record our moms would like. It is a lot less metalcore. More rock. We stick to old formulas, a lot of breakdowns.
M: What’s your favorite song off The Broken?
TA: Either “Not Giving Up” or “Alright”. Although we are not playing either on this tour.
M: Why aren’t you?
TA: They are more abstract, and might not be what the kids want to hear. We want to play songs our fans know, or singles, with more realistic switches in between.
M: The band has been described as fitting into both punk and post-hardcore genres. What orientation to you have to those genres?
TA: It’s a grey area. Definitely not punk so much! I would say rock with heavy-hitting moments.
M: What are some influences of yours?
TA: Circa Survive- Anthony Green taught me how to use my high voice. Bright Eyes, Portugal. The Man, Indie and Pop. We listen to just about anything.
M: Do the band have causes or a mission?
TA: Revolt. There’s crazy stuff happening, and you might find yourself with no platform. Say what you want to change in the world- we want our listeners to become each other’s audience.
M: Where do you see Youth In Revolt in 5 years, and what does your music sound like?
TA: Selling out Madison Square Garden! Musically, though, it’s hard to say. We’re all sporadic. We are moving toward rock, taking baby steps every day. It would be great for Youth In Revolt to become self-sufficient.