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A Long Time Coming: Yuengling Makes Its Ohio Debut

Chad W. Lutz
Almost 200 years in the making, delicious pilsner fruition comes to thousands of eager Ohio lips on Monday, October 3, 2011 as Pennsylvania-based Yuengling beer makes its triumphant debut. As many of you well know, Yuengling has been banned from sale in Ohio its entire 182-year history leading up to this coming Monday. Beer drinkers, it seems, have a date with drunken destiny.

In 2008, President Barack Obama, on the campaign trail to his eventual election, stopped in North Carolina to do some electioneering. During his stay, President Obama reportedly asked where he could find his favorite beer. His lager of choice? “PBR.”

Later, on the same campaign trail, President Obama visited a small Pennsylvanian town called Latrobe. An avid beer drinker, President Obama stopped in a local bar and tried a beer not common, but certainly not foreign, to citizens of his proud country. The beer? Yuengling. After conducting a presidential taste test Obama had this to say, “that’s what I’m talking about.”
Obama just before falling in love. (courtesy of Google Images)
On October 3, Ohio becomes the 14th state to sell Yuengling. Although traditionally thought of as a “local” beer, Yuengling actually stands as the second-largest brewer in the country behind its chief competitor, Samuel Adams. Yuengling still proudly touts the title of oldest brewery in the United States and has been in the business of great beer since its inception.

Beginning Monday, Yuengling intends to begin sales of three of its signature beers: Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Light Lager, and Yuengling Black & Tan. After initial sales data is compiled, Yuengling may release its Lord Chesterfield ale.

However, with all the hype about Monday’s release, some Ohioans might find themselves in the same position they’ve been in for 182 years, Yuengling-less. While Ohio as a whole gives a warm welcome to the lager known as Yuengling, only three main areas will be able to crack open a Yuengling come Monday.

The three regions that will begin selling Yuengling on Monday will be the Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus areas. Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo, along with the rest of the state, will be to follow.

While it’s no question Ohioans love beer, the only real question remains, “are you ready?”